Handloom Cotton Sarees

Handloom cotton sarees constitute a timeless face of the rich Indian cultural heritage wherein weavers skillfully blend myths and faiths into their fabrics. The innovative design of handloom cotton sarees cannot be replicated by the power looms sector. Handloom cotton sarees look as chic and stylish as any western wear when accessorized with the right blouse and statement pieces. 


Hand-weaved handloom cotton sarees found their long-lost love amongst youngsters which was lost somewhere as a generation, probably due to western influence. Millennials are preferring comfortable handloom cotton sarees over formal suits for their corporate look. Youngsters opting to wear handloom cotton sarees in a contemporary style. This new generation’s love for handloom cotton sarees, weaved in elegant and aristocrat colors causing a huge demand in the textile industry. 

How to differentiate between handloom sarees and power loom sarees?

Sometimes buyers fail to understand the difference between handlooms and power looms or have very superficial knowledge. Handloom sarees are handwoven and power loom sarees are woven by machines. As a result, Power-loom produces fast and at cheaper rates. However, if you want to be a proud owner of handloom sarees then keep the following pointers in mind. Hand-woven sarees have rugged and uneven surfaces with knots and thread pull near the border. Moreover, the texture of the handloom sarees is soft and resilient whereas power-loom sarees are stiffer and harder in feel. The reverse side of handloom sarees is a replica whereas in a power-loom lot of loose threads or floats will be hanging. 

The Popularity of Handloom Cotton Sarees

The popularity of handloom cotton sarees is not restricted to any section. These hand-woven masterpieces are loved by all age groups worldwide. A beautifully tie-dyed yarn saree can never go wrong on any occasion. 

Handloom Cotton Sarees from Bengal

Dhonekhali Tant

These sarees are woven in the Dhonekhali region of Hoogly district in West Bengal.  Tant sarees are weaved with contrast borders in zari and floral, paisley motifs. These sarees also come in off-white with borders in bright colors like fuchsia, yellow, maroon, pink, orange, or red. 

Now, the Tant sarees are going global. Tantuja, the West Bengal State handloom Weaver’s cooperative Society tied -up with e-commerce giant Amazon to sell the fabric abroad. 

Begumpuri sarees: These sarees are from Begumpur village in Hoogly, West Bengal. Known for vibrant, contrasting color combinations in borders, these sarees come in two designs. One is Mathapar and another is Nakshapar. Mathapar sarees have broad border without any motifs and Nakshapars are simple -patterned with “ buttis” wherever necessary. 


Jamdani sarees

Popularly known as Dhakai has its roots in Dhaka Bangladesh. Jamdani is touted as the most advanced hand-weaving technique wherein each motif is set into the fabric by adding denser threads to fine warp threads. The weaving is like tapestry work and designs range from the “butidar”, “ tercha” to “jhalar”. The motifs are nature-inspired but geometric in shape. Jamdani was declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

Breathtaking Jamdani designs for you

Soft cotton Dhakai jamdani saree: These sarees come in grey color with a red border and antique golden work on it. These sarees are longer than usual lengths and are sheer in terms of transparency. These are lightweight and extremely easy to carry and can be worn on any occasion. 

White jamdani saree with red thread work: These white jamdani sarees come with a red border. Also, the pallu is red. These sarees are considered perfect for Durga puja . However, these exquisite sarees can be worn on any occasion, festivals, or functions. 

White soft jamdani saree: These sarees are completely white without any hues. A crochet white blouse looks perfect with a white jamdani saree. These are very delicate and need to be handled with extreme care. These sarees have no specific design for pallu and go the same all over. 

Beige jamdani saree: These sarees give subtle yet glamorous vibes and can be worn in day-time functions.

Banarasi cotton Dhakai Jamdani sarees: These sarees are a wonderful mixture of classic craft techniques and contemporary designs.

Chettinad cotton sarees from Tamil Nadu:

 Chettinadu cotton sarees are extremely affordable and come in different designs and vibrant colors. While some have zari borders while others are plain. Also, known as kandaangi sarees are the signature pieces of Devanga Chettiyars of Tamil Nadu.

Handloom cotton sarees with kalamkari blouse:

When a bright-colored handloom cotton saree is paired with a printed kalamkari blouse, instantly, it elevates the personality of the owner These sarees can be teamed up with the kalamkari blouse of warmer tones. You can select anyone you desire and the one that reflects your personality. 

New Top 10 Handloom Cotton Sarees

  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Dry clean only
  • Colour: Red Body, Yellow Border
  • Material: Cotton
  • 100% Handloom; comes with Handloom Mark
  • Material: Cotton
  • Slight irregularity in design and colour is the sign of a handwoven piece
  • DESIGN : Pure Linen Cotton Silk Sarees For Women Latest Design
  • Sarees Length 6.3 Mtr Including Blouse. Hand woven stripes elegant pallu with pompom added
  • Classy and elegant office and daily wear saree from Hubs of Handloom In India
  • Made out of finest quality fabric of 100 count. All our products are approved under Color Fastness Test.
  • Material: Silk Cotton
  • Colour: Striped
  • Occasion: Ceremony
  • Festive wear ceremony wear
  • 12 Hands saree +_ blouse piece
  • Purely weaved cotton saree
  • Color guarantee
  • For exqusitely designed hand crafted hand woven cotton/Silk/Linen saree & Dupattas/Stoles/Scarfs from Best of Places known for Handloom products & for viewing our complete range of stunning handloom dupattas and sarees please click on ”The Weave Traveller” above the title.
  • Made exclusively keeping in mind the latest requirements of working professionals.
  • 100% Handloom comes with Handloom Mark
  • Saree Length: 5.4 metres Saree with 0.7 meters Blouse Piece
  • Weave Style: Cotton is a weaving style that employs resist dyeing technique to impart colors to the yarns before their interlacement. The fabric woven in this technique shows a feathered and hazy pattern which is a wonderful classic in its own way
  • Occasion: Suitable Perfect Gift for Christmas,New Year,Valentines Day,Birthday,Wedding,Anniversary,Cocktail,Party Wear,Home Office
  • Product Is Handmade By: APCO- The Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society
  • APCO- is a cooperative of traditional handloom weavers of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This is under the control of Department of Handlooms and Textiles of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Occasion: festive wear, casual wear, daily wear
  • Material: bhagalpuri cotton silk. Dimension.
  • Beautiful pure cotton saree with temple border is the perfect example of tradition meets modern by implementing contemporary design in this beautiful weave.
  • Unique style, handloom made by the weavers of west Bengal.
  • Color hues may slightly vary from that which appears in the image. Minor irregularities is the uniqueness of handlooms & makes each piece exquisite.
  • Beautiful Handloom Hand Woven Khadi Cotton Saree Made From Quality Yarns
  • Made by Expert Weavers from Bengal. Made using Quality Yarns.
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  • Very Light Weight perfect for office wear.
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