Men's Wedding Wear Attire 2

Men’s Wedding Wear Attire

Men's Wedding Wear

Men’s Wedding Wear

Indian Wedding

Men’s Wedding Wear

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What Should a Man Wear to a Wedding?

Getting a wedding invitation excites you a lot but at the same time, you might be worrying about what to wear. If a certain theme is given for the occasion then half of the problem is solved. If no such theme is given, then go for the black-tie wedding guest attire. 


Team it up with a tuxedo to complete the look. Make it more stylish with a dress shirt, bow tie, and lapel pin. Something you should avoid doing is wearing floral boutonniere, ivory jackets, or outfits with too much detailing.

Recommended Men’s Wedding Wear

Four unique ideas for men’s wedding attire

When you get the message of getting invited to a wedding party, then you find yourself lost in the thoughts of what to wear for the occasion? You want something unique and fashionable but do not have the intention of taking the limelight from the bride and groom. So, here are some cherry-picked attires you can go for.

Idea No 1) For rustic look

Consider choosing some appropriate colors for the occasion. Something in khakis. Team up with a long-sleeved shirt with a vest or suspenders for the rustic look. The color for the long-sleeved shirts would be blue, white, or black. Pair it up with leather shoes and a classic wristwatch.

Idea No 2) For vintage look

You want to look casual yet decent and appropriate for the occasion. Then why not try denim. Sounding outrageous? Try this for the throwback vibes from the ’90s. These looks are “instagrammable” too.

Idea No 3) For beach wedding

If the wedding is a destination wedding, and the venue is the beach, then colors in light shades. However, the dress should be well-tailored and well-fitted.

Idea No 4) Must-have accessories

These accessories are a must when you want to glamorize your look for the part. One is bow ties and another one is braces. Well, these are for semi-formal outfits.

Ideas for Men’s Wedding Attire

Men's Wedding Wear
Men’s Wedding Wear

Men’s Wedding Attire Guest

If you are choosing attire for guests then these tips can guide you in the right direction.


Cocktail attire: Pick up dark suits complete with a patterned necktie, solid color dress shirt, and leather shoes.


Casual attire: If black is not your color then choose suits other than black. necktie can be optional. Shoes will be in leather and team up with a solid or pattern dress shirt.


Tropical: Light color suits will go with this theme. Finish the look with a necktie, solid or pattern dress shirt, and leather shoes.

Recommended Men’s Wedding Attire Guest

Men’s Wedding Reception Outfit

Styling a groom at his wedding reception party is as important as styling a bride. Although the regular sherwani is the staple as the reception outfit for the groom there are few ensembles that you can give a try on your special day.

Bet it, you won’t go wrong while complementing your beautiful bride on such days. There are various options available for styling the groom from modern, western to Indo-western outfits. 

Here is the list created for the top men’s wedding reception outfit

1. Sherwani for reception

When styling for your reception, you will find the market is flooded with sherwanis in various hues and colors but to stand out from the rest you can go for sherwanis in pale green. If you want to make it look unique, choose pale green sherwanis. Click here to view our recommendation.

However, make sure that your bride is also wearing something similar. The floral patterns and embroideries give that royal touch. Accessorize the look with pearl garland and a jacket. For the bottoms go traditional.

2. Indo-Western wear reception dress

Do you want something funky yet traditional on your D-day? Then why not try out Indo-western outfits to get the vibrant look. Here also I would prefer green and golden hues. The cuffs and neckline in golden embroideries. To complete the look, drape a shawl. Click here to view our recommendation.

3. Kurtas for reception

When talking about hues and colors, you just never go wrong with pastel shades and subtle colors. Like, you can try kurtas in baby pink on your special day but make sure to complement your bride. This color looks great when paired with white pants. Team it up with a golden double buttons jacket. Click here to view our recommendation.

4. Elegant ivory for reception

When talking about pastels and subtle colors, then how can we miss ivory. If the bride’s ensemble is in something bright color then you can try elegant ivory to complement the look. Bandhgala suits in ivory with a jacket are the perfect ones. To add up more elegance use big buttoned jackets. For the bottoms, team it up with white pants. Click here to view our recommendation.

5. Printed Black reception dress

Do you want something from the usuals? What about a printed black jacket in different shades. These jackets have a hologram finish and you can complete the look with a white shirt for the contrast effect. Click here to view our recommendation.

6. Black suit reception

Well, this one is for those who believe in only classic ensembles. Still, you can add glamor to your outfit by adding some shine to the fabric. A hint of shine looks great on nights. However, make sure that your bride too. wearing something modern like gowns. Not only shine, faded looks too go well with the occasion. Click here to view our recommendation.

7. Go for classic Indian wear

A classic kurta pajama would be an interesting choice of attire if you want to follow the tried and tested formula. To add volume to the look wear jackets in teals and floral patterns. However, you can try this look only on day reception in an open event space. Click here to view our recommendation.

Men’s Wedding Reception Outfit

Men’s Wedding Attire for Summer

For a summer wedding, go for summer smart. This dressing code is popular for warm-weather weddings. This dress code gives you the choice of experimenting with colors. 


The fabric you can try must be linen to look cool and classic throughout the event. You can go casual with T-shirts and flip-flops.


 Look dapper in chinos and smart trousers. Team it up with desert boots or minimal leather trainers.

Recommended Men’s Wedding Attire Guest

Men’s Wedding Wear Online

If you are searching online for the men’s wedding outfit, then choose something in white or ivory or a regular fit Bandhgala Jodhpuri style. Like the one in this link here.

Recommended Men’s Wedding Wear Online

Men’s Wedding Wear Indian

For an Indian wedding, pick up any style in a stunning palette of colors. Intricate embroideries, fine fabrics, rich embellishments are a must for the Indian wedding. Complete the look with accessories like jewelry.

Recommended Men’s Wedding Wear Indian

Men's Wedding Wear
Men’s Wedding Wear

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