Aligarh Kurta Pajama

Aligarh Kurta Pajama
Aligarh Kurta Pajama

With its mandarin collar, long sleeves, asymmetric hem, and front split, the aligarh kurta pyjama set is a stylish option for any event. has selected a fantastic online ethnic selection for men that you must see.

This men’s aligarh kurta pyjama set is ideal for festivals, ceremonies, and social events of a cultural or familial nature. This hue is a welcome addition to men’s fashion. 

The mandarin collar gives the user an optical height boost. The square collar is fastened with buttons. 

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For your convenience, the kurta contains two pockets on each side. It has multiple compartments for various items like keys, pencils, phones, and wallets. 

It is common practise for aligarh kurta pajama sets for males to be four inches larger in circumference than the wearer’s actual body measurement. If your chest circumference is 38 inches, choose a kurta in size 38 (medium), which will have a chest circumference of 42 inches when it is ready to be worn.

Aligarh Kurta Pajama or अलीगढ़ kurta, अलीगढ़ कुर्ता is basically a cotton fabric stitched pant and made from cotton material.

It is an Indian outfit worn for special occasions such as ministerial meetings, large gatherings, and speaking engagements. It is mostly worn by politicians and ministers, but it can be worn by anyone who wants to look like a high-profile or authoritative figure.

Aligarh Kurta Pajama
Aligarh Kurta Pajama


A very common example is Nehru Shirt or Nehru salwar kameez which now a days itself has its own name and fame.


It is stiched using 2.25 meter cotton cloth and then keeping length 40inches, Mohri 16inches and Seat 40inches – check this stitching video here

अलीगढ़ kurta
अलीगढ़ kurta

Ease and Comfort

All Aligarh Pajama sets for men have 4 inches releasing over the body estimation. So on the off chance that your chest round estimation is 38 inches, you ought to go for a 38 (medium) size kurta which will have a piece of clothing prepared chest estimation of 42 creeps.

Produced using premium cotton texture this Aligarh pajama is light in weight and delicate for the skin. Aligarh kurta pajama for combination wear with all kind of kurta

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Gallery curated Aligarh pajama from its affiliate Amazon India makes your event unique inside pattern strong architect Aligarh Pajama set which has mandarin neck long sleeves, a hilter kilter trim, and front cut. Investigate the wide scope of best Aligarh Kurta Pajama for men by


Look at the completely ethnic assortment for men by on the web. This is appropriate for ethnic events, family capacities, and social affairs.

The shading adds additional brilliance to the style of men. The stand-up mandarin neck adds a taller appeal to the wearer. The neckline has square edges with a catch conclusion.

Uses of Pockets

Aligarh Pajama has two side pockets for comfort. It tends to be utilized to convey keys, pens, cell phones, or wallets.


  • Hand Wash Separately in cool water with gentle/fluid cleansers suggested.
  • Try not to dye.
  • Try not to wring.
  • Try not to press on embellishments.
  • Iron on turn around. Dry in conceal exclusive handpicked exclusive handpicked

Video - Aligarh Kurta Pajama

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